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Household Manners

This class is geared to teaching your dog the basics of everyday life.
Sit, stay, come, impulse control and door greetings are some
of the exercises covered in this class.  Social skill development, body language
and greeting of strangers will also be discussed.
  Learn how to: properly use conditioned reinforcers; teach an exercise;
and use fair corrections.

Focus Foundations for REACTIVE Dogs
Do you find yourself walking your dog in the wee morning hours or late
at night to avoid the possibility of passing another dog/person?
Does launching, lunging, barking and growling keep you from walking
your dog at all due to the stress of it all?  Then I believe this class can help.

Focus Foundations uses positive reinforcement exercises that teach you control and the skill set to handle situations that were normally tense.
The class works on learning to read your dog better and prevent your dog
from rehearsing unwanted behavior.  Attention work, attention to the environment and trust building are core elements to keeping reactivity at a minimum, while working to build positive associations with the site of other dogs and people.
Other topics covered are, visitors to the home, destruction in the home
and submissive peeing.

Advanced Focus Foundations
Utilizing the foundation behaviors taught in Focus Foundations, this class will continue to work on social skills and appropriate behavior around other dogs and people.
    Prerequisite: Completed Focus Foundations class or permission from instructor
following an evaluation.

Intro to Canine Freestyle
   This class is for dog/ handler teams that would like to do more than just basic obedience.
The class will cover the basics of both "Musical Freestyle" and "Heelwork to Music." 
     Learning the art of moving with your dog as a team and fun new tricks to put to music
is the basis of this class.
     Prerequisite:  A basic obedience or manners class

Treibball is a fun sport for active dogs!
Treibball is great exercise and a confidence booster.
Your dog will learn to push large pilates-type exercise
balls into a goal, distance work and impulse control.
Treibball is for all types and breeds of dogs who like to play
and need a cool job.

Does your dog spend his time sniffing; does he keep his nose to the ground?
Then nosework may be for you. Your dog must sniff out a hidden target odor and ignore environmental or distraction odors. He/she then must alert you to the find in order
to earn their reward. Nosework can build confidence, teach impulse control
and teamwork. This is a sport that can be done competitively or just for fun.
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