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Photo by Cathy Winkles
Photo by Cathy Winkles
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Terry Jacobus
Owner & Head Trainer

Terry Jacobus is owned by three shelties. Having had prior shelties, she looked forward to taking these three everywhere she went, as she did her others. When she brought home a puppy with behavioral problems,
that all changed.

Rambo (Shades of Rapscallion AX, AXJ, NF, CGC) put Terry on the path to working with fearful, anxious dogs. Upon attending a working seminar presented by Behaviorist Brenda Aloff she learned that Rambo was not hard wired correctly and would require extensive work and a lifelong commitment to helping him feel safe. She took on that commitment and set out to learn as much as she could to give Rambo a comfortable life.

Rambo has been a working dog at numerous seminars and has worked as a demo dog for various classes. He has competed in agility and has titles in both AKC and CPE. Rambo also holds titles in Rally, Obedience and Musical Freestyle. Rambo has also earned a Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

Terry has attended numerous seminars on behavior and she continues to educate herself about behavior problems. She loves to learn and now holds a certificate as a Veterinary Assistant and is working on Diet and Nutrition.

Terry is a certified agility instructor and CATT (Certified American Treibbal Trainer). Terry holds classes for foundation/management of reactive dogs as well as fun classes such as Treibball and K9 Freestyle.
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